Affilation Acomodation Committee

Sr. No. Member No. Member's Name Designation Mobile Number Resident Office
1 L-0875 Rawal Rajendrabhai Chairman 9979876856    
2 O-3402 Vadodariya Purshottam Convenor 9327000145    
3 L-0797 Vasant K.R. Committee Member      
4 O-0055 Panchal Bharat R. Committee Member      
5   Shah Kalpesh Committee Member      
6 O-1302 Chokshi K.I. Committee Member      
7 O-1298 Vyas Drijen Committee Member      
8 L-0839 Patel Mahendra M. Committee Member      
9 O-1905 Trivedi Bhaskarbhai Committee Member 9426304694    
10 I-O202 Agrawal Sureshkumar Committee Member 9824026490    
11 I-O201 Botadara Bhupendra Committee Member      

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