Swimming Pool Committee

Sr. No. Member No. Member's Name Designation Mobile Number Resident Office
1 L-0364 Memon Ibrahimbhai Chairman 9825071016 26672577 26578199 / 26576338
2 L-0535 Pandya Jayant M. Convener 9825073222    
3 O-1482 Padia Bipin Committee Member 98253-44699    
4 O-1509 Shah Sandipbhai K. Committee Member 9825057550    
5 O-1560 Shah Prakash A. Committee Member 9327755316    
6 O-2582 Bhavnagari Saumil A. Committee Member      
7 L-0705 Ashara Navin Committee Member 9824014248    
8 O-1288 Shah Kalpesh N. Committee Member 9712442552  
9 L-1138 Rao Prashant Sagar Committee Member 9924587711    
10 O-2583 Shah Vijay F. Committee Member 9427060577    
11 L-0354 Sevkani Radhakishan Committee Member 9825647334 27542460  
12 L-0300 Mavlankar Satish Committee Member 9825599705    
13 L-1303 Kothari Kantibhai B. Committee Member 9825432626    
14 L-0622 Shah Alpesh B. Committee Member 9825698181    
15 L-1538 Patel Rakesh M. Committee Member      
16 L-0601 Shah Dr. Mukul I. Committee Member 9327034149    
17 L-1141 Nihalani Veena U. Committee Member 9879289396    
18 O-3400 Patel Bharat Committee Member 9724892574    

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