About Us

Rifle Club was pioneered by shree Prabhu, with purpose of teaching self protection techniques to the society. Rifle Club Association was established on 18th February 1938. Shree Prabhu had wroked very hard to introduce Rifle Club Association for the wel being of the Society.

Late shree Ganesh Vasubhai Mavalankar was appointed as the President, Late shree Chaintanyaprasad Divanji was appointed as Secretary. And Shree Ratilal Khushaldas Patel, Late shree Jitendra Mehta and Shree Prabhu were the board members. After that Shree Prabhu had started lot many activities under Rifle Club association, where in lot many males and females had learned rifle shooting, and self protection techniques.

In 1946 Rifle Club Association got new name “ The Ahmedabad Military and Rifle Training Association”. Now main purpose of association was giving military training to the youth along with rifle shooting training. For inculcating qualities like boldness, intelligence and social service in youth.

After lot many successful activites of Rifle Club, shree Prabhu had established other clubs with help of other associate, like Flying Club – Gunhouse in 1947, National Rifle Association of India – 1951 and Bombay state Rifle Association – 1953. And many more.

The Ahmedabad Military and Rifle Training Association (Rifle Club) and organization engage in civilian Rifle Training and education which is recognized by govt. of Gujarat. The organization established in February 1938 with a small group of very noble and pertaining prime social service reputation.

Gradually an infant stage over and our organization reached to contemporary stage. Our Rifle Club is situated heart of city Ahmedabad and marginally closed to River Front, bank of Sabarmati River which flows middle of the city dividing Ahmedabad East & West. Our organization another part of a Club for the entertainment of Club Member.

We have GYM installed with modern different articles for exercise for fitness and maintaining good health. We have nice swimming pool of which children, youngsters and senior citizens are taking benefits. Also the Club has indoor facilities for Badminton, Table Tennis and Skating etc. for sports lover. Our campus has total 30,000 sq. yards area which has different club departments like conference hall, Marriage Hall, Air Conditioned Shooting Range, first in India and major part of area developed with natural greeneries and beautiful carpet of grassy lawn.

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